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The show that inspires women to step into the spotlight, be heard and make some noise through podcasting, by shining the spotlight on the Podcast Divas already doing it. Kathryn Bryant talks to fabulous female podcasters about their podcasting experience. The highs and lows, challenges and opportunities, the day to day realities of being a Podcast Diva and the amazing stories of what podcasting has done for them and their business and interests. These honest in-depth conversations are packed with practical tips, information and advice about how the Podcast Divas do it. It might be their workflow and processes, or the services, software, equipment or productivity hacks that make their shows and lives better and easier, or how to go from scared newbie to confident broadcaster. Together with interviews from others with expertise in podcast related subjects and services, this is a show for anyone interested in knowing more about or becoming a Podcast Diva. Show notes and more at Kathryn is also co-host of the award winning Changeability Podcast - Best Self-Help Podcast (UK Podcasters Awards 2015); best-selling Amazon author of Changeability: Manage your Mind – Change your Life; and co-founder of – Mind Management for Your Best Life and Business.
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Sep 10, 2015

It’s episode 1 of Series 1 of Podcast Divas! Welcome!

I’m super excited to introduce this new podcast. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time - and now the time is right and it is here. Hooray.

In this first episode you’ll find out:


  • What a Podcast Diva is (or should that literally be Podcast Goddess)
  • What the show is about
  • Who Podcast Divas is for
  • Why I’m doing it
  • The surprising or not so surprising stats about women in podcasting
  • What you can expect from Podcast Divas and if it’s for you
  • Who Kathryn Bryant is and the story of my podcasting journey

You can find more about Podcast Divas here

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This would be fab, as it gets the show in front of more people - and I’ll know you’re the best!


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Thank you – you’re amazing

Thank you for being amazing and listening to the first episode of Podcast Divas. Until next time – to all you Podcast Divas and Divas-in-waiting – let’s get out there and make some noise…

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